Choose from 3 BAr Packages


1) Our favorites

We buy, store and serve our favorite brands from our beloved vendors. We thoughtfully select beer, wine, and alcohol specially for your unique menu. We arrive at your event fully stocked and prepared to serve.

jakub-dziubak-312763 (1).jpg

2) your favorites

You buy your favorite brands from a third-party retailer. We then store* and serve** whatever you select. We will create fresh mixers and garnishes to complement your selections, but you are responsible for purchasing beer, wine, and alcohol. Packages start at $12/person.

* We can only store liquor, wine, and bottled beer. Kegs will need to be picked up on the day of the event.

** An earlier arrival time is required to load your selected beverages into the bar and prepare the alcohol for serving.


3) Cash Bar

Hosting a big event but don’t want to deal with the finances? No problem! We’ll arrive at your location and sell drinks straight from the Tiddly Trailer.

Cash bars and drink ticket bars- All drinks will be tallied and charged per drink. Drinks cost $5-$10

Our pricing is based on the type of beverages offered to your guests, your event location, and the number of attendees at your event. All packages include OLCC licenses and permits, liquor liability insurance, and certified bartenders.

We require an $1,000 event minimum for all events and a $2,000 event minimum for weekend events, May-September (because summer in the northwest is golden).

Pricing applies to all private events with confirmed guest counts, such as weddings, corporate events, and birthdays. Please email us for a quote on public events such as festivals and fundraisers.

Once you have selected the bar package YOU'RE INTERESTED in, please contact us directly. We will discuss the specifics of your event to craft the perfect menu and mobile bar experience.